Now that I have motivation, I rather dislike this situation

Bah, pounding pounding pounding. Country rock is irritating like woah right now. However, the atmosphere in my current location (ie, B&N some awesome mall in CT) rocks.

Went to colleges yesterday and nearly fainted. Not really. But it was interesting and odd, since you know, schools that I just may never get into. And I haven't eaten lunch in three days. My stomach pesters me.

Providence is hilly and difficult to navigate and Brown is beautiful.

Haha, my dad complains that he has to feed the children. SUCK IT UP. Hmph.

Ja ne~

Too much to think about...
and I sort of feel like my brain is melting.

It's most likely because I'm tired or something like that. Yet, I feel like this a rather pathetic level of tiredness, since I can normally stay up longer than this. Maybe it's due to too much stimulation? Since I'm watching a drama right now. IRIS.
IRIS love~Collapse )

I feel like making a really wish-washy post. Maybe I should? Sure.

Ahhhh my sister's attacking me with her foot. How vicious. Maybe it's because she's sick and her mind is finally allowing her to release her violent tendencies? After all, her nickname is the Piranha.

Soooooo, it's the holidays! Yeah. Fun times. Family and stuff. Holidays. No school.

Now that that's over with.

Um. Um. I don't know how to do this. So, I'll just stop now. Sorry.

I was lurking today. So, as I was reading dual_avi 's comments, I happened to come upon this lovely vid.

My happiness is complete. :D

A post from out of the blue...
So, hello there journal. How are you today? I feel weird. Posting after what, two months? Laaaame. But, I really am in a weird mood. So.

So, wanna hear about New Moon? XDCollapse )


The post is getting pretty long... I'll talk about more interesting things next time. Thank you for listening!

Am spamming you all! XD

Kyaha, this is funner than I thought! I'm actually rather surprised at the amount of fun I'm having with LJ, even though I was so against posting. Meh...

So, I am currently diving into the world of Chinese music. Yosh! Er.... Jia you! XD I seriously am going to fail so epically... Wait and watch! Luckily, I do have some help, in the form of my eager parents who are just happy that I'm interested in learning Chinese. -_-' I'm interested! But I didn't have motivation... But this gives me perfect motivation, even if it's just to be able to look up singers and squee over them. (Shalllow? Just a little bit...)

So, some people of interest!
A-ONE 组合 <- a recent group whose blog I went to before. Yes, it's true. I am slowly becoming a fangirl. Oh God. D: but they are so INTERESTINGLY CUTE Guh....
朴树 (Pu Shu)
韦唯 (Wei Wei) <- She's also an athlete?
Fahrenheit 飛輪海
劉德華 <-My mom really likes him... Hmm...
Jay Chou

It's really weird though, since I can't exactly write in Chinese on this... Sad-making. Maybe I should steal my mom's converter thingy?



is so  not the absolute answer, thank you very much. The world is all about affection and sex and WARM FEELINGS. Pffft, silly chemical reactions. THE BRAIN IS IN REBELLION. ANARCHY!

Seriously though, what is up with chemical reactions and instincts that really hurt more than anything? Blargh, yuck. So troublesome. And I'm attempting to sound cynical and stuff. Is it working? Or do I sound like a petulant child? XD


So, I'm currently suffering from notreally!insomnia. :D Cuz, I don't want to sleep, and I can really stay up this late, which suddenly brought upon a compulsion to post something and yeah... THE FRUIT OF MY NON-LABOR.

*cracks knuckles* Let's do this thing!

...What exactly does one say? Erm...

So, my brother got kicked out of his chess class today/yesterday. He was violent, apparently. It's a good thing he quit tae-kwon-do (TKD) already, yeah? It's really really annoying when he pulls things like this because I had to wake up early especially for the purpose of escorting him (along with the other sibs) to his bus stop and he couldn't even repay the favor by staying in school the entire four hours?! How ridiculous. Ungrateful brat. :(

And I was used for target practice in TKD. As you would suspect, not the funnest of things... Especially when the people aiming at you are white belt and your are being inspected by a Random Pedestrian. Blergh, how I dislike needing to show off for the lesser belts. Self-conciousness and whatnot.

I'm liking DBSK/TVXQ more and more. Though their T album wasn't as great as I thought it would be... I don't get the Clap song. (Haha, "clap" was a STD way back when. I think. Though the only reason I know that is because of Slammerkin by a woman. Great book, you -yes,  you- ought to read it!)

Meh, long enough for me.
Oh, and go to this link: CUZ Indian Court Overturns Gay Sex Ban. THUS! They are win. Utterly.


Haha, I really should use LJ more...

Well, it's not like I don't go on it... I just don't post. Who am I justifying myself to?!

So, my friend recently informed me that I ought to use this more. My thoughts are this: B-BUT. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! I'm afraid, really. :) Yes, very sad, I know. But ehhhh, LJ is very nice, I have to admit. It's nice to see random people connecting to each other, geographical boundaries be damned, over common loves. For example, Japanese/Korean boy bands. Such as NewS and Arashi. XD Sadly, I'm such a horrible fangirl that there really is no point. I mean, I squee and drool over the lovely flashes of skin (OMG THEY ARE SO SEXUAL! PELVIC THRUST! SEXY POSE! STRIP TEASE! SEXYSEXYSEXYSEXY! Also, lovely hints of homoerotica~! <3) but there is no research of fandoms or member bios and stuff. I don't go looking for icons or posters (with the exception of LM.C, because there are only two members and I adore Maya's hair. Like, complete and utter love.) and fanfics are just a no. RL fanfics make no sense to meeeeeee! Maybe I'm not objectifying them enough? (Sorry if I insulted anyone. It's just my opinion.)

Am perfectly fine with characters though. Anime, manga, book, video game, movie, whatever. HPDMHP and SasuNaruSasu are my OTPs and nothing is honestly going to channge that. EVER. So OH what!

In honor of my friend though, I will post this snippet of something that I wrote when I was bored. A plot bunny perhaps?

Lightly dancing feet twirl gracefully upon smooth floors as you lose yourself in dance. The swirl and swoosh of fabric mesmerizes and dulls your senses until all you notice is the light reflecting off of silk draped on slender limbs. Suddenly, a burst of laughter (real or fake?) wakes you up (realorfake?) and you turn. And stop.

There he is, mouth moving in amusement, shaking hand attempting to conceal. And you wonder and wonder and wonder (REAL OR FAKE?) as he tilts his head back, and the line of his throat is exposed, Adam's apple bobbing. The crowd around him titter, but it seems as if only he is real in this room of suffocating delusions. His prescense is dangerous in your life, so you turn away regrettily and Walk. Out.

The door is right there. You tell yourself, Yes, this is the right thing. I'd hurt him. He'd hurt me. Trying to delude yourself even more and more. Protection is key in your life. You don't want to get hurt.

But why does it hurt so much already?
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So, hmmmm
I feel utterly and completely jealous of people. Makes me disgusted with myself.

Ah, time to practice, practice, practice!

But, I'm too lazy. So, that must mean that I'm the type of person who complains a lot and doesn't do anything about it, yes? Then, I should get to work on that! But my natural procrastination prevents me from bothering. Guh. This is exactly what my parents bother me about. 


Dude, I'm lavender. How 'bout that?
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